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The Avalanches… it’s a long long wait for newness

I heart The Avalanches. That album is, quite frankly, timeless. And pretty frickin’ awesome too. A while later they released a mix CD, When I met You. It followed the … Continue reading

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Podcast: Beats In Space

Beats in Space, for those who don’t already know, is the online home of good music. Hosted by Tim Sweeny and beaming direct from New York New York, Beats in … Continue reading

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10-Minute Fashion Mini Mix

So I finally got a copy of Ableton Live on my mac (I’ve been using a combination of Reason / Garage Band / Traktor up until this point) and I … Continue reading

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One from The Vaults: Big Beat Mix 2001

Cheers to Butch (AKA El Bootch) for reacquainting me with this old mix from 2001. One of my first mixes made on two Gemini PT2000s and a crappy Gemini mixer. As you … Continue reading

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