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A thousand thank yous

This is to you. You know who you are.


you stupid, inconsiderate, feeble little prat.

did you honestly think it would work like that?


i had a hatred for you, ’til i saw what you really are;

a shadow of what i am, and a mere echo of the love in my heart.


i wanted to punch your pathetic timelord face,

rip out your bollox and spray the wound with mace;

kill you slowly for trying it on with my ace…


but then i realised something. you just made us stronger.


And for that I turn my hatred into praise,

because you, you made everything right again.


A thousand thank yous, kind sir.


One comment on “A thousand thank yous

  1. nujon
    12 November: 2012

    A note from the author: I’m no poet as you can probably tell, but this small selection of words helped disperse my anger at a terrible situation. Thanks for the likes/follows so far 🙂

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