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An open plea for some common sense…

Dear sirs,

I write today to alert you of the many Southeastern staff who are misrepresenting your company, and portraying you as a group of moronic, idiotic and compassionless people, which I know is not the case. Southeastern is a magnificent company with a near-perfect track record for sensible pricing, punctuality and cleanliness of carriages; yet this rabble are trying to paint a different picture.

Clearly, said staff are leaving their brains somewhere before going to work in the morning. I assume this is the case because I can’t see that a company so highly regarded as yours would ever employ retards like the five I encountered this morning, and I can’t understand how they made it through what must be an extensive recruitment program with the collective brainpower of a mouldy apple.

Upon arrival at my local station, a little flustered from running to make it in time, I was told that no I would not be able to board the train that was about to leave because I didn’t have a valid ticket.

But of course! I wouldn’t want to travel for free; I am a willing, paying customer and regularly have a season ticket in my wallet.

Today I didn’t.

One of your hired monkeys saw me attempt to buy a ticket from the machine before my travel. But, as I am sure you are aware, your ticket machines are sometimes faulty and don’t always accept payment straight away. That’s ok, technology still fails us; surely this kind man over here will allow me to pass through and purchase a ticket on the train. It is going to leave in the next 30 seconds after all, and I know he wouldn’t want my day to start off in a bad way just because he was following procedures. Surely.




That would require some sort of compassion, humanity and common sense, and I forget that you employ lowlife shitwhores who don’t know what customer service is and can’t possibly bend the rules just to help someone on their day.

It really is quite ridiculous as I am sure the non-Southeastern part of you will agree. Even the conductor on the next train agreed. Why is it okay for them to prevent me traveling when I am already running late, but if they are too busy to sell a ticket, they direct me to the conductor to buy one?

Double standards? I think so.

One can only assume that these employees have never once been late in their lives and therefore do not understand the urgency of boarding the only train that leaves in that hour.

I will not play the poor me card here because ultimately I should have got to the station earlier and purchased a ticket in good time as Imbecile One so clearly informed me. However, perhaps you could arrange some common sense training for your staff so that they can make a better judgement on real life situations as they arise. Sometimes it helps to not follow the rules to every God-Damned







Just a thought.

So while I write this to you now, on another train that will arrive at my destination more than one hour later, I worry about humanity and the imbeciles who are allowed to lord what little power they have over us mere mortal men. I worry about your good reputation tarnished and I worry that these moronic fools are allowed to roam free, leaving a trail of misery and anguish in their wake.

There is enough pain, anguish and suffering in this world as it is; please try and convey this to your staff and discourage them from causing even more.

Yours, somewhat concerned and looking for a human response,

Nujon x


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