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Blood Meridian

I finally have the time to read some of the books that have been gathering dust on my bookshelf this past year. There’s a mixed bag of children’s literature, crime, fantasy and classic novels but so far, this one has to be my favourite…

It’s basically about an unnamed character, The Kid, and his time spent as a scalp hunter south of the border c1850. Barbaric doesn’t do it justice. Beautiful gets nowhere near close to describing the prose. But Blood Meridian is just that. Beautifully Barbaric.

It’s not the easiest of books to get into, but trust me – stick with it and you will be rewarded.

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4 comments on “Blood Meridian

  1. Claire 'Word by Word'
    26 June: 2012

    I hesitate to read this, but I totally get what you mean by McCarthy’s beautiful prose, I’ve loved everything of his I have read and ‘The Road’ is next up for me, but words like yours are what I need to hear more of before venturing into this one.

    • nujon
      26 June: 2012

      Of all his books I’ve read so far, The Road was by far the most chilling. There’s parts in there that are just wrong. But again, the style of his work makes it acceptable (if you know what I mean). I’d love to hear your feedback when you finish. : )

      • Claire 'Word by Word'
        26 June: 2012

        I just wrote a review of ‘The Crossing’ if you want to hop over and read it, have taken‘The Road’ out from the library, so will be reading it soon.

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